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Central Locking

remote-central-locking-systems-250x250What is Central Locking ?

Central locking will allow you to walk away from your car and press one button which locks all the doors. When you return to the vehicle the button will allow you to unlock your doors just as easy. The benefit of central locking is the peace of mind you get when you leave your car – knowing that you have locked all your doors with the click of one button.

Do you have to manually lock all your doors? Racing around your car to see if each door is locked? If that sounds like you then its time to call the experts on 9458 2239 and having central locking installed today.

Central Locking systems available are:

  • Standard Locking Kit
  • Remote Locking Kit
  • Key-less Entry Locking Kit
  • Toyota 100 Series Locking Kit

Our qualified Auto Electricians are also available to repair or service any central locking issues you may be having.

Never forget to lock a door again by having central locking installed in your car today. Contact us today on 9458 2239 ! Combine your central locking installation with a Car Alarm or Immobilser package, for the best theft prevention system.

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