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Air Conditioning

SUMMER SUPER SPECIAL $$$ RE-GAS FROM $155.00 *conditions apply

If your air conditioning is loosing its cool, bring your vehicle to us. Lance Auto Electrics service, re-gas, repair and find leaks in all automotive air conditioners to keep you feeling cool and comfortable in your vehicle. A white car with an air conditioning button and a snow flake

Have you ever noticed that your air conditioning doesn’t feel as cool each time summer comes around? This is telling you, your air-conditioner needs a re-gas or a service.

Most manufacturers recommend for your air conditioning to be serviced every 2 years to keep it performing at its best. At Lance Autos we provide the optimum gas product R134a to keep you cool over summer.

Keep your self cool this summer with our air conditioning services.

Our qualified auto electricians can have your air con as cold as winter and ready to face the heat.

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